The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Back To Basics | Enjoying My X100T

    23 Sep 2018
    When push comes to shove, keeping things simple in life is key to stress free living. This is why, hand on heart, I love my X100T. The Battery Life SUCKS. So what, I have 8 Batteries. On a good day, I can create images aggressively. Plus the fact, I transfer…

  2. Light | In the Rain

    20 Sep 2018
    This morning was good weather for chasing Light. Rain fell in a slowish drizzle. I did not mind. The overcast Light, diffused by heavy clouds gave me something to work with. Light Stories are everywhere. I am noticing my awareness being triggered more so now. The subject matter is not…

  3. Morning Conversation

    19 Sep 2018
    Every conversation is an opportunity for me to create a Portrait. This is Sean. He saw my camera in when I was doing my laundry this morning. He started telling about about Samuel Beckett. There is an exhibition on featuring Photographs of Irish Literary greats. Sean educated me today and…

  4. I See, I Feel & Create

    18 Sep 2018
    My deafness has transformed my world. I have days where I experience a sadness unlike anything I have ever known. On the flip side of this conversation is a story of profound joy. The ability to see. To rejoice. To celebrate……..The Light. Without Light, we would all experience Blindness. For…

  5. The Speed of Light

    17 Sep 2018
    This image captures a moment for me which really communicates the magic of Light. A slow shutter speed in an attempt to communicate speed and in the process harness the power of light in image creation. Today has been an exercise in seeing Light. In seeing contrast. Paying attention to…

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