The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Taking The Long View

    2023-04-10 19:44:14 UTC
    The debate between a Primed Fixed Focal Length will rage on forever. I can understand why because Primes are simply fantastic, the image quality is impeccable and frankly this is the point. The end goal is the final image. I find it really interesting to read reviews of a Lens…

  2. Working The Scene

    2023-04-09 22:27:39 UTC
    My time at The Rutland Nature Reserve was hugely enjoyable. It presented me with a rich and photogenic range of subject matters. What I found of great interest was the whole environment of Rutland Waters and surrounding Reserve was a subject worthy of repeated shooting. This means a return visit;…

  3. Print Worthy

    2023-04-08 20:45:19 UTC
    I told you I was going to Print it.My goodness, it looks astonishing.The Digital era is not the end of good old fashioned Printing of our images. The Print is the last stage of the Photographic Process. I consider it an absolute waste of money to purchase the latest and…

  4. Grantham | Rutland Water

    2023-04-06 19:40:30 UTC
    Rutland Waters is a marvel of man made design and construction. This expanse of Water is a Reservoir which provides house hold support for a major part of the country covering the Midlands. The original landscape for The Reservoir was called Eppingham Reservoir. Construction was completed in 1975. This area…

  5. A Visit To Grantham

    2023-04-06 15:16:50 UTC
    There nothing quite like a Train Journey out of London for a few days. It’s short enough not to drag out and long enough to feel complete. My Trip to Grantham was to visit my friend Heather. She is one of my oldest friends and our relationship has endured for…

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