The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Self Portrait

    2023-03-01 23:23:54 UTC
    My images right now reflect my mood. Stillness. Silence. Contemplation. Questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? Who Cares? Fork in the road. What next? Empty & Meaningless. Constant regeneration. Life, a series of adjustments, for what? Who or what are we becoming? Is it too late? Who am…

  2. F for Fantastic

    2023-02-28 12:06:46 UTC
    Sumin | A chance encounter led to this wonderful moment.Sumin and I had something in common. We both had our Cameras with us. As we approached each other, I smiled at her, she smiled back with curiosity looking at my Camera.She stopped and engaged me in conversation about my tiny…

  3. 18 & 35

    2023-02-25 11:38:28 UTC
    This is my current set-up for everyday Photography. I love it. The XF18mm F2 on my X-T1 is my primary Camera. My second X-T1 is paired with the 35mm 1.4. This set-up feels correct; authentic and organic to my vision and my shooting style. Seeing Wide at 18mm and Long…

  4. Seeing The Moment

    2023-02-23 18:06:43 UTC
    When I left home today, the sight in the image about greeted me. Here we go again, more road works to disrupt the neighbourhood. What I found interesting was my response to this scene; I saw and felt a ongoing story. So, I decided to work this scene into a…

  5. The Three Amigos

    2023-02-22 08:38:23 UTC
    These three Lens are the original set-up which FujiFilm released 11 years ago with the X-Pro 1. The 18mm F2, The 35mm F1.5 & The 60mm F2.8. In Full Frame Terms, that’s 27mm, 53mm & 90mm. Three Lens which cover a very broad range of subjects. 18/27mm - Environmental, Landscapes,…

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