The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Carnival 2023| A Disappointment

    2023-08-27 14:24:03 UTC
    Carnival 2023 will be a reminder of what happens when the Police take themselves and their role seriously. The spirit of The Notting hill Carnival is lost…..FOREVER. I am all for having a presence of the Police at this cultural event. It’s a very important requirement and it’s for the…

  2. Portrait Ready

    2023-08-26 18:03:58 UTC
    I never leave home without my Camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s the XT1 or my Nikon D700. The most important aspect is my choice of Lens. My choice of Lens must cover all the areas of subjects I find most interesting. I need a Wide Angle, Normal & Telephoto…

  3. London Vibe

    2023-08-26 14:18:57 UTC
    London is a very special place. I don’t take living here for granted. Photographing London is a very important part of my photographic discipline and practice. The vibe of London, like Paris or New York are the iconic Landmarks, the must photographic, I was here spots that communicate without questions…

  4. Poland | Kawka i Huśtawka

    2023-08-24 21:22:55 UTC
    When I travel abroad, one of my first requirements is to find a Cafe local to my Hotel. This is important for me because this place becomes my base of operations.No matter what City, the local Cafe is my home from home.My recent trip to Krakow was no different. In…

  5. 50mm | Seeing in The Dark

    2023-08-10 07:32:17 UTC
    The Light at Night. Another expression and creative reality. Day Light is another world. Catching the Light after sun set reveals some truly gorgeous magic. It’s easier to see and feel. Shapes clearly defined. Seeing in the dark is another opportunity to seek out the Light in the Shadows. Thanks…

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