The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Jam From Somalia

    08 Aug 2019
    The Man in the White Suit. A chance encounter today. I saw the gentleman with the hat on and approached him. I asked him if he wore white suit and rode a bike? He said yes. I told him I thought he looked amazing and that I took his photograph…

  2. Warrior Update

    06 Aug 2019
    Since returning home from Argentina, I chose to stay put and look after my mother. Dementia is a brutal and cruel assassin. It strikes with lethal intent. My response has been to deal with this as best I can. My mother has become my super model. I create an image…

  3. A Spiritual Experience

    06 Aug 2019
    My visit to Buenos Aries was very moving and spiritual. I felt it. His presence was everywhere. I don’t feel the need to explain this or justify. This was an extraordinary experience in my life. My friends and I drove five hours to the town of Tandil. It was here…

  4. X100F - Oh What Joy

    04 May 2019
    This just may be my favourite camera of all time. Technology will improve things no question about that. However, right now, I can say this beauty put a big smile on my face. How come Mike? Haha 😁 I shot an event yesterday and my trolley was packed with gear…

  5. Argentina - Enjoying The People

    25 Apr 2019
    Street Photography is a big part of my discipline. Seeing, feeling, observing, waiting and then creating. Candid moments are fine, especially if the scene must not be broken and the story is compelling. I do love the interaction and then asking. I saw this couple and immediately asked them. They…

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