The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Heaven…… the palm of my hand.

    2016-12-30 02:15:00 UTC
    I wasn’t prepared for this. Love at first sight is a hackneyed cliche and yet, there is no deniying the impact of an emotional experience. Every great craftman loves the tools of his trade.  Michelangelo and his Hammer and Chisel. Stephane Grappelli and his Violin Roger Federer and his Tennis…

  2. Little Venice

    2016-12-29 16:49:00 UTC
    As the end of 2016 approaches, I took to the streets today just to breath, clear my head and just be. My favourite place to walk is along The Grand Union Canal. I decide to take my X-T1 paired with the 14mm lens. I really love this Lens, the field…

  3. The Light of Christmas

    2016-12-27 20:20:00 UTC
    Today, at The Embankment yealed great light chasing opportunities. This tunnel looked fascinating to me. I exposed by a few stops under to bring out the drama and the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope revealed. I love how light brings everything to life. We are blessed by…

  4. Buildings in the Light

    2016-12-25 23:37:00 UTC
    I think I have a strange eye for buildings Sometimes, I shoot at strange angles because that feels right to me in that moment. I have noticed now, that I am paying more attention to the contrast in my images. I this Iike a lot. Exposing for the light and…

  5. The Sound of Christmas

    2016-12-25 23:31:00 UTC
    Waterloo station was busy as usual, however, the sight of children singing Christmas Carols was a joy Inspite of me being deaf, I stood, watched and marvelled at the spirit of Christmas through these younglings. Childhood is a magical time; don’t grow up to fast little ones. This world of…

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