The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Seeing Light

    17 Sep 2018
    It’s a bright day. Mid sun is brilliant on the streets. I am looking for pockets of light in the shadows. Seek, ye shall find. The light of the world is always present. We need the darkness to appreciate its presence. The Light renders the boring and mundane into a…

  2. Chasing Light | A Week of Light & Shade

    17 Sep 2018
    My project this week is all about Light. This makes sense. We would fumble in the dark without it. Paint to an artist. A deck of cards to a Sleight of Hand artist. Light to an Image Creator. This is an opportunity to experience the dynamic relationship between where Light…

  3. The Fujinon 50mm F2

    13 Sep 2018
    Took me a while to get into this Lens. It is a little beauty. On my XPro2 it is fine partnership. Caught a few moments of my new coffee shop outside my home. As a portrait lens it’s a little shy of the stunning 56mm f1.2 and yet, it functions…

  4. A Day of Quiet Expression

    11 Sep 2018
    Our world has become a very busy place. The need to be still is critical now more than ever. The images I created today revealed an interesting aspect of my feelings. I was not aware of it at the time of shooting. These moments spoke to me… Take five and…

  5. Life At 50 | Mum - A Moment to Cherish

    09 Sep 2018
    If nothing else, my images of Mum are moments to celebrate. Time has no bias. Time as a concept is mute. We are born…….. Only to wither and die. In between these milestones of birth and death is the creation and expression of life. My life and expression is for…

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