The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Maxi And Renata

    2018-07-03 10:47:17 UTC
    This is Maxi, one of the cutest dogs in my neighbourhood. This image was created using my camera in remote control via my iPhone. This is one time when technology really impressed me. My phone and camera talking to each other like is miraculous. Anyway, last Sunday morning, I struck…

  2. Our Disconnected World

    2018-07-02 23:34:51 UTC
    Have we lost our way? I thought communication, sharing, conversation was a big part of our DNA, our humanity. Our broken connection is evident right in this provocative image. The iPhone was won. Social Media has our attention now. We have lost our hearts😢 You cannot tell my that technology…

  3. Roger’s 75th Birthday

    2018-07-02 09:14:26 UTC
    Event Photography has become very interesting to me. In my former life, this type of event was my stage for my work as a Magician. Allow me to be honest - as a magician working in this environment, I HATED IT. As a Photographer, creating memorable images, this is a…

  4. Elvis

    2018-07-01 22:53:22 UTC
    I really loved Elvis. Still do. His music was part of my childhood, partly due to his films. King Creole was my favourite simply because this film was set in New Orleans. It featured a strong spiritual vibe of black culture. The music was deeply influenced by the Deep South,…

  5. Hearing “NO

    2018-07-01 09:34:05 UTC
    I love photographing people. Candid moments are fine and part of my mission, however, I find creating images of people with consent very satisfying. The secret to a successful Street Portrait is in direct proportion to the depth of rapport I have managed to create. In fact, my best images…

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