The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. BNI West One | Monthly Social Event-Part 2

    2022-10-02 22:29:02 UTC
    Welcome to Part Two of The BNI West One Monthly Social Event. The first half of our day was spent going back in time on board the Trans-Atlantic Steam Ship The SS Great Britain. We worked up an appetite. As we walked to the Restaurant, it started raining. Yuk. It…

  2. BNI West One | Monthly Social Event

    2022-10-02 01:44:46 UTC
    Every month, BNI West One engage in a social activity. The purpose is to foster deeper connection and relatedness within our group. Our social events are always fun, last Friday’s Day out was exceptional. We went out of London for the day and headed to Bristol for a guided tour…

  3. The Windrush Memorial

    2022-10-01 09:45:24 UTC
    When The Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury in 1948, brought with her the hopes and dreams of 1027 Black People from Jamaica. Life in the United Kingdom would never be the same again for The Windrush Generation, their off-springs and……White People. This subject is relevant for me right now because…

  4. Daily Vibe | Seeing Opportunities

    2022-09-28 10:38:11 UTC
    Having my Camera with me at all times means I am ready. Moments are out there. It’s easier to create an image with my Camera than without out. I use my iPhone yes, but its a different vibe using my everyday Camera, the X-Pro 1. This Camera is slow. I…

  5. Event Photography

    2022-09-26 13:30:02 UTC
    In 2013, I decided to master my Camera. Not once did I think I would be Photographing a Wedding or an Event of some kind. This was outside my thinking and Comfort Zone. To my great surprise, I have experienced the thrill of documenting Business and Sporting Lunches in the…

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