The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. A Message From Mother Nature

    2020-04-18 19:16:38 UTC
    Wake up and smell the Roses. This qoute could be considered as a way of appreciating all that Nature has to offer. This expression of life is truly magical. I love how this expression of life forces its intention from the bricks. In this expression, the force of colour and…

  2. Chasing Life

    2020-04-18 11:02:45 UTC
    This little fella gave me a solid work out this morning. Caught sight of him and moved in slowly to create the image above. A perfect moment…and then… Off he went up into the trees. I went after him. Xpro2 paired with the XF18-135mm gave me hope of creating a…

  3. Vulnerbility

    2020-04-18 07:33:32 UTC
    With Covid-19 gripping the world in a state of fear, stop and ask yourself how safe to you feel? Here we are on a ball of rock spinning in space. Planet Earth The Moon The Sun, doing its little tap dance for millions of years, with no interfere from man.…

  4. Social Distancing

    2020-04-17 20:40:48 UTC
    How far away from each other do we need to be for social distancing becomes acceptable?We have been practicing this long before Covid-19. There is something odd here. How will we be with ourselves and each other when this lockdown is over? #socialdistancing #x100

  5. Why Am I Doing This?

    2020-04-17 08:47:19 UTC
    What is my Photography about? I have enough gear to open a museum now, so what?My technique has improved.I have no style I can articulate.All I know is I see, I feel and in this moment, my desire to create an image has taken me over. What does this mean? …

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