The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Master & Apprentice

    14 Jan 2017
    Image Copyright Damien Lovegrove Circa 1999-2003 The photograph above was taken at a wedding over 16 years ago.  I was having a drink at the bar, when the photographer said “strike a pose Mike”. This image has become one of my favourite professional shots and has seen some action around…

  2. Back to Birmingham

    11 Jan 2017
    I am back in Birmingham for a short spell, working with my friend Jin Lee and his team Secret Forest. Secret Forest specialise in Photography and Videography. We are working on an exciting project which will expand the reach of Michael Vincent Magic. As you can imagine, I had my…

  3. A Vision of Life

    10 Jan 2017
    My vision of life has transformed. There is a shot waiting for me. It speaks to me. Sometimes I have to get uncomfortable, get my camera into an unconventional position. This makes my view of life really interesting. I have often wondered how the world occurs to an Ant, a…

  4. The Fuji Warrior in front of the Lens

    09 Jan 2017
    Image copyright Carole Pyke This was a fun moment. I had photographed this lady and she in turn caught a double selfie of your truly. My friend and fellow Photographer Carole Pyke caught this moment. The lesson for me here is simple. As a Street Photographer it is important to…

  5. Expanding my Knowledge

    08 Jan 2017
    I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my friend Richard and his two boys Keaton and George. Richard invited me to join them and also mentioned to me they were very enthusiastic about image creation. Well, I saw this as an opportunity to share with them what I have learnt…

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