The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. The Magic of Colour

    2022-05-28 22:33:01 UTC
    I am dedicating the next few weeks to the study of Colour. After my academic interest in shades of grey, I was left feeling dark and sombre. I know why. My Mother. I am very happy that I documented my mother’s life with my Camera. As I look back on…

  2. Seeking Beauty

    2022-05-28 17:27:03 UTC
    Look with your eyes. See with your mind. Feel with your heart. You don’t have to look far or even hard. Beauty is right where you are. What does beauty mean to you? Really think about this. Whenever I see people holding hands, this is wonderful thing. Its a thing…

  3. A Little Piece of Heaven

    2022-05-27 14:56:22 UTC
    I have been documenting my neighbourhood for the last 9 years. I create images everyday of some element of what is home to me. Its the little details now that add up to a glorious narrative about Maida Vale, my home. Its amazing to think this part of London got…

  4. Colour Vision

    2022-05-26 18:23:28 UTC
    Black & White is a compelling and dramatic element to image creation. I know this to be true because 20th Century History was documented this way long before Colour was accepted. The World has been full of Colour long before the very first exposure and yet Colour Photography was frowned…

  5. Monochrome Vision

    2022-05-25 14:57:42 UTC
    This has been a very educational process. I recently watched a few Videos on Black & White Photography. They all offered up different, subjective points pf view. I appreciated the point of view by Alan Schaller; “Shoot Black & White on Purpose”. This advise goes against what I have been…

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