The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Seeing People | The Lady in Red

    2022-07-22 09:25:09 UTC
    It started with the Red Post Box. Suddenly, The Lady in Red appeared out of the shadows. This was mid afternoon. Later, I saw this. Another Lady in Red. I wasn’t looking for it, life presented me with this gift. And then, about 10 minutes after. I was blessed with…

  2. Seeing People | My New Project

    2022-07-22 09:18:37 UTC
    Welcome to my new Project. Seeing People is my vision for the next few weeks. Its all about observation, being invisible and not disturbing the moment. This means I am choosing the Telephoto Lens, specifically my XF 90mm. The 90mm is a perfect optics; 90mm on my Fuji equals 135mm…

  3. Developing Skills

    2022-07-21 20:48:29 UTC
    If I were to Travel the world with one Camera and a 50mm Lens, I am confident I would create some visually interesting images. Being a Prime standard focal length, the 50mm is not normally used as a Landscape or Environmental optics. That’s why we have a Wide Angle. The…

  4. Creative Constraints

    2022-07-20 18:15:57 UTC
    Learning to use The 50mm Lens is a very important skill for my image creation. I got my very first 50mm F1.8 about eight years ago. It confused me because I was using it on my Nikon D90. This Camera was very dear to me, I Traveled all over the…

  5. Mid Life Crisis

    2022-07-20 14:25:53 UTC
    I have mentioned before on my journal that the classic 50mm Lens is not my normal vision; my go to optics is 28mm. That’s just how I see the world through my one good eye; wide and with depth. This doesn’t mean I don’t or can’t use a 50mm Lens.…

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