The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. VC | A Story in The Frame

    2022-11-06 08:46:21 UTC
    Visual Communication | My adventure with The Viltrox 33mm 1.4 continues. Fuji Film have a brand new XF33mm 1.4 and the reviews are singing high praise for its performance. The Viltrox in my opinion is superb, I am delighted with it, especially on my X-Pro 1. The 50mm field of…

  2. Remembrance

    2022-11-05 19:43:38 UTC
    Every year, without fail, we remember. We remember the bravery of men and women who fought on the frontlines of Europe against a force of evil so powerful, it scares me even now just thinking about it. Stop and think for a minute; what kind of world would we be…

  3. Visual Communication

    2022-11-04 04:55:05 UTC
    Every image communicates a message, a feeling, a story. It all begins with me. What I see and then create is my story, the image, then becomes yours. What you see and how you feel goes beyond my reasons for creating the image. The best I can hope for is…

  4. A Perfect Pairing

    2022-11-04 04:43:29 UTC
    The X-Pro 1 & The Viltrox 33mm 1.4 make for a perfect partnership. I am fortunate to have a nice collection of XF Lens for my work. As a Semi Professional Event, Portrait & Travel Photographer, I have the right tools for any assignment. As a Portrait Lens, it delivers;…

  5. Viltrox 33mm 1.4

    2022-10-29 18:18:45 UTC
    I have documented my feelings about this Lens. To reiterate, I LOVE IT. I love using it on my X-Pro 1. For some strange reason, it feels like a perfect combination. I must confess, I was and still am lusting after Fuji’s new XF33mm 1.4; guess what? I DON’T NEED…

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