The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Portraits At 56 Day 5

    2018-08-16 11:40:15 UTC
    This Lens is slow to focus. On the streets, not good enough.☹️ I missed a few moments yesterday that annoyed me. So for Street Photography, forget about it. For Faces, this Lens is heaven sent.🙏🏾 For me, I need the time to lock focus so Portraits with this Lens works…

  2. Elvis At 56mm - Day 4

    2018-08-15 21:53:01 UTC
    What’s the big issue about Elvis? Well, there is no denying, he could sing and he sang very well indeed. I am partial to the younger Elvis from King Creole. This Elvis possessed a gritty vibe that was rooted in the culture of Black People; I felt it. The songs…

  3. 56mm - A Lens For The People Day 3

    2018-08-14 20:46:37 UTC
    The Fujinon 56mm F1.2 is a Len’s for the people. The image about was created today and has confirmed to me beyond doubt that this optic has magical stardust in it. 56mm equates to the classic 85mm field of view in Full Frame terms. What sets this Lens apart is…

  4. Project 56mm - Day 2

    2018-08-14 08:34:57 UTC
    My second day out with the 56mm has been interesting. Immediately, the Telephoto field of view pulls me right into the action. This Lens is not for you if shyness is part of your character. It requires framing and precision to create images with impact. I find myself having to…

  5. 56mm - The Sword of The Warrior. Day 1

    2018-08-12 14:55:28 UTC
    The Fujinon 56mm is a Lens I have not spent much time with. All that is about to change. I am dedicating a week of Street Photography using my XPro2 and the stunning 56mm It has begun. I love it… It’s as sharp as a razor blade wide open. The…

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